More practices certified that this type of convection wood drying equipment has the performance of more effective well-distributed procedure and operate easily. The characteristic of this type of wood drying equipment: high productivity, low consumption and the product of good quality.
      The support structures and frames of the kiln case, the wall and the top covers are all made of the high strength aluminium alloys. The inner plates of the kiln are pressed into the corrugated pattern and the outer plates into the ladder model ripple. The kiln’s structure are all connected with the stainless steel bolts and nuts. The fillings between the inner and outer walls and the top roof covers are all filled with the fine glass fibre wool as the insulation layers. This structure of the case assures the less heat consumption and keeps use for long time.. The opening and closing of the gate are all under the control of the hanger.
      This system of the drying wood equipment is all automatically operated. The capacity range of the kiln is from 30m3 to 200m3.  We can produce the different sizes of the kilns according to the users’s design and can also upgrade the old kilns. The new developed kiln with high technique is convenient, reliable and durable in operation..